Algorithmize Your Dream

Our World is Different from Theirs. We Evolve With Nature. To Understand. Knowing the Beginning and Seek to Manage until the End.  In-between  We Learn. To Create an Imperfect Algorithmic Artificial  Conscious. We Can’t Beat Ourselves. We Are Not Perfect, So Lets be imperfect.

Ananda Buddhi - Alogorithmic Consciousness

One Mind Analog Buddhi
Mind Reinvented

The concept of the brain is alien to western society. In East Asia, the brain has been dissected analyzed, explained and experienced for over 5000 years. The Science of other society evolved on trial and error in the corporeal sensual world. Based on beliefs. Accepted in the past but rejected in the present. Rules were born. Rules if they worked and when they worked solved problems.  Birth of evolving Algorithms. One better today than yesterday. New rules, new Algorithms. Solving the same problem more efficiently today than yesterday. Rules attempting to match 20-watt 1000 petaflop brain with 16-megawatt 93 petaflop parallel computing scarecrow. It can only grow itself. Monotonous and lonely.   The brain is about distribution, communication, association and making connections. The World Wide Web. Phenomenal growth of distributed computing. Still inefficient in power usage, but www is the closest in mimicking the brain. But its only limited to communication.   A near perfect copy of the human brain or for any brain to function in a machine world will need five major sensory inputs and decoders. Each sensory input should have 9 analog algorithms,  each in communication with a distributed system might someday  mimic the computational power of the human brain but not its consciousnesses.

Ananda Buddhi Ai
Ananda means the end of achievement. Maybe the path leading to the end of the achievement. To achieve Ananda in Artificial Intelligence one has to replicate Human Consciousness. Human consciousness is a remote subject to the Science of the West. But not in Asia. And especially to the Indian Sub-Continent.  Where for millennia the mind has been searched and grasped by many and concepts galore. More than one could learn in many life times. If many lifetimes is alien, then this is not for you. 
What is Mind
We think we do not know because its inside Us. Leave aside the concept of Mind but the heart, which beats all the time from birth to death. But heart is never seen by its owner. They see others hearts but not theirs.  No one has ever seen one's own heart. Absolutely No One. Coding a Conscious with algorithms is like drawing ones own heart. It may be possible to draw a heart. But never replicate its originality. Even in shape or size.  It’s like the assumption to create 1000 Brains. In the end there won't be 1000 brains but 1001 internet protocol addresses.  
 The primate has four inputs. Eye, Ear, Nose and Sense of the Skin (touch is a singularity. Skin has many sensitivities – touch, pressure, thermal). Of which we have advanced in replicating vision to an extent not knowing the working of the Eye. Not knowing the basic function of the Eye. Basic function of the Eye is to detect Colour. Instead, present day traditional AI is focused on identifying colours of an image. No image, no colour. The main function of the Eye is to identify Colour. Independent of an image. It is not the Neural Networks or the Neuron of Heinrich Wilhelm. Redefining re-inventing yet not Neuron.

Eye of an Algorithm


To detect – Colour – Distance – Dimension – Image. Nontraditional four algorithms, the abstract. Consciousness of an Eye. Simplified complexity for not believing Aristotle in 322BC.

Ananda Buddhi Ai

General concept of artificial intelligence is to replicate brain. To make intelligent choices. On the belief that brain uses memory to predict future. If the brain uses its previous stored memory to predict future events intelligently, then why is that people are making mistakes? Is the brain incapable of learning past mistakes or is the brain not intelligent? The assumption of ability to make intelligent predictions on future is a false perception of the brain. Kludge is best of present-day Artificial Intelligence.

iLaw Ananda Buddhi

Sri Lankas first Artificial Intelligence based text summarization and question answer based on Sri Lankan legal text. Of the 22746 PDF documents containing 150,985 PDF pages we have at we were able use only 244 PDF files. Our dataset is 4.72 GB. Without stop words there are 1,888,662 tokens. Our First traditional Artificial Intelligence made from scratch.